Introduction of head-managers

“SUART-project” – the company from the SUART Holding which unites both design and construction enterprises. The sector of company services – General contract, architectural design, coordination actions.

Suponitskiy Alexander Zakharievich,

Chairman of board of directors of
the Group of companies “SUART”

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you on a site of the SUART-project company that is a part of the Group of companies “SUART”.
Now we not only design, but also build according to the projects.
Such format allows us to provide the Customer with the most comfortable conditions of interaction.
Immemorial “antagonism” between builder and designer, is now “our internal affair” and in no way infringes on interests of the Customer as it doesn’t demand an extra time for technical coordination and joining of positions.
We know well the time of implementation of different design decisions and we assume the responsibility for terms of the object’s start of operation at the moment of signing the Common contract on design and construction.
Long-term professional experience of the heads of projects, energy and reliability of directors of the enterprises, collective spirit of all employees of the corporation – here are the components of the success of “SUART”.
We want you to estimate hallmark, technological level and professionalism of our team.

Wishing of progress,
Suponitskiy A.Z.

Razulenko Oleg Arkadyevich,

General Director of
the Company “SUART-project”

Dear sirs!

Creative process – perhaps, is the most joyful and pleasant condition for us in which we desire to be as long as possible… However the main corporate law of life of our Bureau is the Production Schedule: its order could not be changed, its dates are inviolable, its execution is obligatory.
The hallmark of “SUART” is our business card. We try to make our architectural works recognizable, modern and, of course, unique and individual.
Architects of our Bureau do their best for the development of the stylistic concept – an image of building, therefore the works of “SUART” are clearly read in a town-planning fabric of the city.
Process of implementation of projects reaches the maximum effect when other organizations of the Group of companies “SUART” also participate in business, particularly – our General contractor – “SUART-engineering”.

Yours faithfully,
Razulenko O.A.