Publications in Mass Media

Newspaper «Business Petersburg», on May 04, 2012:   Projects are given to museum

Newspaper «Evening Petersburg», on July 22 2011:   The mark of the 2000th will dive on Sennaya

Russian architectural portal, 2011:    Urban environment as a mirror of social life. Conversation with Alexander Suponitskiy and Ilya Yusupov

The internet portal “For the sake of the house about”, November, 2011:   Green project. Land lobby of the Petersburg underground station “Gorkovskaya”

The internet portal “”, 19.10.2011:   Sennaya Square in Petersburg can become two-stored

The internet portal “”, 27.09.2011:   To “Gazprom” skyscraper in Lahta the pools and a ropeway are added

The internet portal “”, 28.04.2011:   Future of Sennaya Square

The internet portal “”, 25.04.2011:   The project of reconstruction of Sennaya Square now exists

Construction portal “EstateLine”, 28.06.2010:   Alexander Suponitskiy: «Today – is an out-of-time era from the point of view of style»

Magazine «Architectural Russia», 2009/2010 :   «Underground station «Gorkovskaya»

The internet portal “Stroypuls” — all about construction, 2010:  Guests from the future

The internet portal “Evening Petersburg” —daily newspaper, 28.12.2009:   What in my udder to you?

Internet portal KARPOVKA, 22.12.2009:   the Author of Underground station “Gorkovskaya” told about a pink crater over escalators

Magazine “Construction and municipal economy”, 2009:   Guests from the future

Magazine “Construction and municipal economy”, 2009:   Star future of “Gorkovskaya”

The internet portal “”, 16.06.2009:   Evolution of “Gorkovskaya” – from a glass up to a plate

Russian architectural portal “”, 7.04.2009:   “Gorkovskaya” got struck on a dome

The internet portal “”, 27.03.2009:   “Gorkovskaya” without a glamour

Newspaper “Business Petersburg“, 27.11.2007:   Blue dreams of new Smolny

Newspaper “Business Petersburg“, 16.11.2007:   the Nevsky Town hall grew up to 700 million dollars

The internet portal “”, 15.11.2007:   Smolny will master “town hall” spaces

Newspaper “Business Petersburg“, 09.10. 2007:   “PIK” will rise over the earth

The internet portal “”, 09.10. 2007:   “PIK” will double on a parking

The internet portal “” — New buildings of Moscow and Petersburg, July, 2007:   “Progress-City”

Newspaper “Business Petersburg”, 26.12.2005:   SUART congratulates with happy New Year

The intrenet-portal “Design and Construction”, 2005:   New “PIK” of our CITY